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Amazon Business is a part of the Amazon marketplace that’s geared towards both business consumers and sellers. It offers plenty of benefits for both sides, but relatively few people are aware of it. In this article, we will help you understand what it is, how it works, and how you can take advantage of all the Amazon Business benefits.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon has recognized the fact that businesses often have slightly different needs and circumstances than individual consumers. They usually buy in bulk, they may have multiple people purchasing items on their behalf, time-sensitive delivery, and they are sometimes in need of a supply-chain management type of arrangement.

For businesses who want to buy on Amazon, it offers:

  • The ability to have multiple buyer accounts with an administrator account.
  • Approval workflows.
  • Business Prime Shipping.
  • A variety of payment options like a business-wide payment card.
  • Amazon Tax Exemption Tool.

Another factor that makes an Amazon Business account attractive is that they will have exclusive access to business-only pricing on certain items, price comparison tools, and vendors/sellers can offer multi-unit or bulk discounts. We will talk more about how you, as a seller, can target businesses using these methods later.

How to sell to Amazon Business Account holders

To sell on Amazon Business, you need to start off with a seller account. Chances are, you already have one by now. However, it needs to be a Professional seller account if you want to sell to businesses. If you have an Individual seller account, you will first need to upgrade it to a Professional seller account to proceed.

You can enable business selling features simply by checking a box either when setting up your professional seller account or from within Seller Central.

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That’s all you need to do to reach B2B customers. By enabling business selling features, you will be given extra options during your product listing creation, such as to offer quantity discounts or restrict sales to business-only customers.

How to generate more sales using a business account

Amazon doesn’t only offer benefits to businesses who buy from the marketplace, but also to its B2B sellers. We will discuss the specific features in the relevant section, however, one of the biggest benefits is that they will get a search boost when Business Account holders search for items.

This will help to distinguish you from the masses of sellers using the Amazon marketplace and put you right in the sights of business customers.

Target business items

The first thing you will need to do is find items that businesses want. Luckily, this isn’t too hard to do. There are a few categories of can’t-miss items that will always be in demand for any type of organization.

Surprisingly to some, Amazon even ships heavier industrial sized equipment that can weigh multiple tonnes. Although, these are usually subject to extra purchasing and selling criteria.

Avoid competing with Amazon directly

From time to time, Amazon picks up on popular items that perform well in its marketplace and start selling it themselves. This can take the shape of either Amazonbasics line of products or 3rd party products.

No one can compete with Amazon on Amazon for long, and it’s best to stay out of their way. Particularly if you are new or a small-time seller. It would be extremely hard to beat their margins and still make a profit.

Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of Amazonbasics products already in the office supplies category, like this paper shredder.

Take advantage of Amazon Business selling features

Amazon Business has a variety of features that are meant to allow sellers to appeal to and better serve their business customers.

  • Tiered referral fees: Amazon charges referral fees that vary according to their product category. In certain B2B categories, Amazon offers discounts on these referral fees on bulk sales. You should target products that are eligible for this discount and try to encourage bulk sales to qualify for them.
  • Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts: Businesses often buy supplies in bulk. They do this partly out of need and partly out of the expectation of getting the items at lower prices. The comparison tools available to Business Account holders means that you will need to be competitive in the hopes to win a customer.
  • Enhanced Product Listings: No matter who you’re selling to, impeccable product listings are a key conversion factor. Businesses will also expect a higher standard of those they are buying from. You should take the time to create high-quality product listings that appeal to professionals.
  • Quality and Diversity Certifications: Businesses often choose their suppliers based on who they want to be affiliated with. To facilitate this Amazon offers diversity certifications, for example, Women-Owned Small Business. Businesses can filter based on these certificates but will be able to view them on your products listings as well. Quality certifications are based on your seller performance and are tremendous marketing tools.
  • Profile Editor: Think of this as your resume. With so many sellers to choose from and a lot of money at stake, how you present yourself or your business might be what sets you apart. Develop a company voice and create a profile with high-quality content and business appeal.

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Harness Amazon Business benefits!

Selling for Amazon Business customers can open up a whole new world of possibilities and profits for the savvy Amazon seller. As it comes at no extra cost for those who already have a Professional Seller account, it couldn’t hurt to try out some of the features and get a feel for it.

In our article on how to utilize Amazon Business Best Sellers to Increase Your FBA Sales, we divulge the best-selling business items on Amazon. Be sure to find out which ones you should be promoting!

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