We spend so much time figuring out how to target mass audiences of individuals on Amazon that we often forget there are other opportunities. Amazon is very convenient for B2B transactions as the buying business can get needed items very quickly and affordably. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can utilize Amazon business best sellers to drive sales.

Why should you sell with other businesses in mind?

So, what makes selling to business so great and why have we bothered with this article? Good question. Selling to businesses has a number of key benefits that aren’t necessarily present when selling to individuals, such as:

  • Large orders: Businesses usually buy in bulk for a number of reasons. One, it usually saves money as bulk packs of items comes at wholesale prices. Two, they are busy and don’t want to waste time or effort restocking supplies if they can just buy it ahead of time. Three, companies have employees and typically provide relatively the same things for everyone.

Office supplies

  • Recurring sales: If you make a good impression on your first sale, you can almost always expect a company to come back. As we said, they are busy and don’t want to waste their time finding a new reliable supplier if they have already discovered you.
  • Exposure: It’s not unreasonable to assume that if companies buy your products and give them to their employees, that it’s like a form of marketing. In most cases, this probably only applies when it comes to private label or branded products, but it’s still there.

Why use Amazon best sellers items?

There is actually just one very simple, yet unflinching, reason why you should use best sellers items. They are best sellers. We aren’t being funny, these items have earned that rank by being products that are the most popular for consumers within their given categories. It’s products that have a proven demand.

True, you don’t know how long this demand will last and we can’t tell you because Amazon doesn’t reveal these parameters of their algorithm. However, for the time being, they are highly sought after.

You might also face tough competition selling these items as others have no doubt wisened up to it as well. You should try and carve a market for yourself by choosing great products and differentiating yourself somehow.

Where do I find Amazon business best sellers?

Luckily, finding best sellers on Amazon is extremely easy. Amazon even has a “best sellers” page where they are listed. The thinking behind this is to put the most popular items with the highest sales right in front of potential customers, creating a snowball effect of buying.

You only need to do a Google search for “Amazon best sellers” and it will be most of the top results. Most of the highest results when you go to specific categories through the normal Amazon search should also be best sellers.

Remember that categories can be nested. For example, under Computers and Accessories, you have Printers. If a certain printer is at the top of the Computers and Accessories best sellers, it should also be at the top of the Printer category. This will help you decide how general or specific you want to be in your search for a best seller.

Computers and accessories

Computers have become as present and synonymous with the workplace as any other kind of office supply. In fact, they’re even more integral to its everyday functioning and success. Computers are unmatched in terms of their versatility and capabilities that boost our productivity. Over 64% of Americans use computers at work whilst only about 10% use books.

Almost all companies need computers to survive. This trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon and is a safe bet for the foreseeable future. To appear uniform and to avoid any notions of favoritism, companies prefer to buy their computers in bulk. Buying from one supplier ensures that everyone has the same. Dell and HP are two brands that are very popular as office computers or laptops.

With computers, there also comes a plethora of accessories. Computer Mice, keyboards, extra screens, USB hubs, networking cables, adaptor cables, printers, wifi routers, cable management, you name it! If you can provide all of these items in one point of access, you will be very attractive to other businesses.


Computers can be too risky for a new seller as they are so expensive. For consistent gains that might be more palatable, we recommend screens like this HP Pavilion and accessories like laptop bags and docks.

Office supplies

While being trumped by computers when it comes to productivity, no office can be complete without office supplies. The modern office requires some items that weren’t always there but have become just as integral.

All the usual suspects should come to mind like pens, pencils, erasers, whiteboard markers, and staplers, amongst others. Also, don’t forget the little stuff like thumbtacks, staples, tape, glue, paper, etc. You never know when they might come in handy! All-in-one packs that combine some of these best sellers will be an extremely convenient product.

Some of the newer additions to the list of ubiquitous office supplies are printer ink, paper shredders like this Scotch product, and laminating supplies.

The office supplies category is so hot that Amazon has started selling their own products. You’ll find them under the Amazonbasics line. You should try and avoid direct competition with Amazon at all costs as there can only be one winner unless your product is far superior.

Other categories

The two categories we already discussed are by far the biggest drivers of these kinds of sales. However, there are a few smaller ones that are viable, but usually overlap somewhat with the previous two anyway:

  • Electronics: Cable management solutions, adaptors, multi-plugs, extension cords, speakers etc. This is a very general category.
  • Industrial and Scientific: These could have huge potential for B2B sales in niche markets aimed at specific types of businesses. For example, dental tools for a dentist’s office or heat shrink tubing for an electrician.
  • Software: Remember computers? They need software to be useful. Operating systems like Microsoft Windows, productivity suites like Windows Office, tax software, and antivirus are all huge sellers. The usefulness of shipping physical software can be argued, however, in light of the internet.

Take advantage of Amazon business best sellers to improve your business!

That’s it! We hope we have given you some great categories, products, and ideas to start increasing your FBA sales. If you aren’t targeting at least one of these, you are missing out on potentially huge and consistent profits. Good luck with selling Amazon business best sellers!

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