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Most of the time when talking about the benefits of Amazon FBA, we focus on things like access to Prime members, Amazon’s amazing fulfillment network, and the benefits of selling on the Amazon marketplace. One unsung hero in all of this is the Amazon’s Customer Service center.

For Amazon FBA shipments, Amazon will handle all customer service directly. This is just another way they are adding value to the FBA service. Because of this, you’ll have time to focus on the more important aspects of your business. Let’s look at how Amazon FBA customer service can help you scale your business. And how it works in the first place.

Amazon handles customer inquiries

Many people that start selling on Amazon are caught off-guard by the flood of customer inquiries that come in once sales pick up. We have all ordered products online and know what nervous nellies we can be until our package is safely in our hands.

Chances are that many of your customers will make multiple inquiries about the delivery of the product. This is especially true if it’s not shipped using priority shipping.

Amazon handles all queries related to shipping, refunds, and, if necessary, the return of the product. They have the resources and the staff to cope with large numbers of incoming calls and emails. Usually, this is something a small business doesn’t have the luxury of.

Amazon handles returns and refunds


If a customer is unhappy with an item and they want a return or refund, Amazon handles this interaction for you. A customer can receive free return shipping for certain product categories. If they want to return a qualifying product, Amazon will retrieve the package and send out a replacement. Or if necessary, they’ll refund the customer.

As the seller, you will receive a “Returns Processing” fee that is equal to the fulfillment fee of the product. Because fees per product are usually lower when shipping multiple products together, you might be charged a higher return fee depending on individual items returned.

As you can imagine, handling a possibly difficult customer, retrieving your package, and making sure they receive a replacement or refund can be a long process. Naturally, this doesn’t scale well with limited resources. Once again, Amazon’s infrastructure and experience make this easy for them to do for you.

Amazon runs a help and support site

Often, a customer will access the seller’s help and support website to try and solve the problem themselves before contacting customer support.

Amazon already has a help and customer support web page, so that will be the first place a customer with a problem turns to. If you sell on Amazon and fulfill your products through Amazon FBA, nine times out of ten, your customer will be able to find an answer to their question.

Customers can still talk to you directly

Through the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, customers can still talk to you directly about concerns regarding your product. This isn’t enabled for FBA products by default, so it’s completely up to you whether you want to take part in it or not.

Amazon customer service can only go so far without detailed knowledge of your product. Sometimes, users might not be using your product correctly. Or they may require some additional information. Helping them directly will not only save you unnecessary return fees, etc., but will also improve your customer’s experiences. It could even get you better reviews as you build trust with your customers.

What about products sold outside of Amazon?

Anyone who truly wants to scale their business should open their own online store dedicated to their brand and their products. If you do this, you might want to take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment services. You can do this through their MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfillment) program with slightly higher rates and fees. Amazon even offers priority shipping for MCF fulfillment.

Fulfilling products through the MCF program comes with Amazon’s great fulfillment service and warehousing. It integrates almost seamlessly with your existing Amazon FBA merchandise. However, Amazon does not take care of customer service, refunds or returns for MCF items.

You’ll still deliver your products to an Amazon warehouse. From there, they’ll ship it as soon as you submit the order to them. Once en route, Amazon will provide you with the tracking code so that you can handle customer inquiries on your own. You will have to make your own arrangements should products need to be returned or refunded.

This means you no longer benefit from the enormous benefits that Amazon FBA customer services and returns offer. However, you still make use of an efficient and affordable fulfillment service.

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Start using Amazon FBA customer service today!

If nothing else has convinced you to jump on the Amazon FBA bandwagon just yet, we hope that this does! You want to spend your precious hours improving your product, growing your business, and living your life, not dealing with an endless flood of inquiries. Especially when most of those have nothing to do with your actual product.

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