There is no doubt about it. Beginning any new business venture is scary and stressful. You never know 100% beforehand whether you will make a success of it or fail completely. It’s easy to get completely sucked in by the doubts and fears or to think that you aren’t “the right type of person.”

Amazon FBA Success Stories

Sometimes hearing about another’s success can help us overcome those fears. Through their stories, we can learn from their mistakes and perhaps use what worked for them for ourselves. Most importantly, we realize that the majority of successful people are also just normal human beings like us.

With this in mind, we decided to round up some pretty incredible Amazon FBA success stories to put it all in perspective. Most, or all, of these people have the following factors in common:

  1. They come from different walks of life.
  2. They all learned about Amazon FBA in a relatively short amount of time.
  3. None of them started with a lot of capital.
  4. Amazon FBA drastically improved their financial situation.
  5. It didn’t force them to pour a significant amount of their free time into Amazon FBA, robbing them of precious time.

As you read, we hope you gain a concrete sense of how you can leverage the Amazon FBA platform for a better and more fulfilling life. Let’s dive in.

Tech Armor

You could say in the end it was a match made in heaven. Eric Tong and Joseph Jaconi built their company Tech Armor on the premise of eliminating higher margins present in physical stores to provide the same quality mobile phone accessories at lower prices.  

As a two-man team, they soon ran into some pretty big obstacles.

For one, they always held to their promise of listening to every single customer. This highly-prized customer service took up a lot of time. Secondly, hand-writing return addresses on packages created a bottleneck, limiting the amount they could ship. Thirdly, all these scaling problems prevented them from putting more effort into developing their brand.

As soon as they heard of Amazon FBA, they knew that they were on to something to take their business to the next level. Leveraging Amazon’s shipping infrastructure and customer service portals allowed them to spend less time shipping and enabled them to go international and ship to Europe, Asia, and beyond. They were also able to get more feedback from their customers which made it easier to help them. As a result, Amazon FBA freed up time for them to focus on the evolution of their business.

In the span of a year, they went from a small two-man venture to selling 2.5 million units in 2013. They were able to diversify from just screen protectors and cover cases to all kinds of mobile accessories. They now have 18 staff and are the most searched-for mobile accessory brand on almost all the biggest online selling platforms. Their consumer base is spread all over the world.

Bling Jewelry – Elena Castaneda

Amazon FBA helped Elena Castaneda build a successful business. It also helped her get into the industry she felt she was meant to be in. She was busy selling gingerbread houses when she decided to make a U-turn and go into her lifelong passion, which is jewelry.

She already discovered the power of Amazon when she sold over $50,000 worth of gingerbread houses with only $50 of ad spend. This helped her gain the confidence and assuredness to tackle on her new line of business.

Elena’s company is another example of how a business can grow once it begins leveraging scale-ability through Amazon FBA. Elena started Bling Jewelry, running it through her one-bedroom apartment. Now it is a global business that sells in over 10 Amazon markets, including the US, Canada, UK, China, Japan, and most recently India.

Bling Jewelry reaches thousands of Amazon shoppers all over the world and is a multi-million dollar business.

Elena admits that she doesn’t think it would’ve been possible for her business to start shipping internationally without Amazon’s help. Not only does Amazon FBA help with the actual logistics and resources required to ship products but it also handles all the nitty-gritty of international shipping. Amazon takes care of multiple currencies, different languages, shipping, and customer service so you don’t have to.

MPD Digital – Ray Nelson

The next Amazon FBA snapshot is a real rags-to-riches story. This is a great example of a niche product with passionate owners behind it that leveraged Amazon FBA to their advantage. It’s also an illustration of how Amazon FBA can take your business that was already on an upward trajectory and blast it off into space.

It started with Ray Nelson’s wife. She was unsatisfied with her job at the time and started to make RF antenna cables in one of their spare bedrooms. They started selling these, which led to more bedrooms, their garage, and other parts of their home becoming makeshift warehouses.

As you can imagine, two people manufacturing, packaging, and shipping their product couldn’t meet demand. Amazon helped them expand to the level where they now have two off-site manufacturing locations and are able to reach customers on a scale they couldn’t before.

As huge suppliers, Ray and his wife ship these cables and other related products across the US. They are closing in on the million dollars per year mark. Ray estimates that 65% or more of their revenue comes from the Amazon alone. That’s a big percentage.

One thing he really appreciates about Amazon is how easy it is to provide excellent customer service. As he puts it: “Without that customer experience, you don’t go anywhere.” Normally, large businesses will need an entire customer service department to handle this aspect but Amazon provides a quick and easy platform that requires far fewer human resources.

Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant gets a spot as one of our Amazon FBA success stories. His story is an excellent example of someone with multiple stages of progression selling online. Ryan has been selling textbooks on the side since he was 18, making use of both eBay and Amazon through Amazon FBA. Starting out slow, his business has grown little by little over a six-year period and is providing a very handy supplementary income.

As you can expect, the textbook market is very seasonal, which is one of the reasons Ryan held off on going full-time sooner. Ryan is very open about how much he makes on Amazon FBA and runs a blog detailing his progress, current profit, and general experience running an online business.  If you want to learn more, visit his personal blog.

Ryan has now left his position at a large accounting firm to pursue his online business full-time. The progress he was seeing through Amazon FBA, as well as the services they provide, has given him the confidence to make this huge leap into the unknown.

To illustrate his success so far in numbers he provides these telling statistics. In the four months before leaving his career, he earned just over $6,000 selling online. Since leaving his job and pursuing his business full-time, he has already made $20,000. Not only is there potential available through Amazon FBA but it’s obvious that the more you put in, the more you get out.

Spencer Haws

Here is another one-man show that made it using Amazon FBA. He provides the rest of us with handy tips, first-hand accounts, and useful insider information. Spencer Haws is a family man of four and is passionate about business. Not surprisingly, he has his fingers in a few pies of which Amazon FBA is just one.

As the name of his blog implies (Niche Pursuits), Spencer targets niche fields that aren’t oversaturated and monopolized by a few big players. Instead, he finds a market where there is still some wiggle room and makes it work for him. If you plan on pursuing Amazon FBA, he is the man to keep an eye on.

Just because you are working in a niche field doesn’t mean your profit will be capped by a really small customer base. Remember that Amazon exposes you to a global buying platform and handles shipping. Users from all around the world can find and buy your products with ease.

The most recent month that he posted about recorded over $40,000 of sales. That was only six months after getting into Amazon! Let’s not forget that Spencer was already a businessman who knows about SEO-optimization and promoting a business online, yet those numbers remain very impressive.

Many people think that these Amazon FBA success stories are just scams or are impossible for newbies to achieve because of an oversaturated market. Spencer posts this data to show that, this is simply not the case. Amazon FBA has the potential to change your life for real.

In conclusion

Well, we hope we have inspired you with that these five very different Amazon FBA success stories. Perhaps now you are one step closer to starting your journey with Amazon FBA. Here at Seller’s Playbook, we believe in the life-changing power of Amazon FBA because of what we’ve experienced and seen with our own eyes. Check out our courses and workshops for even more assistance in leveraging Amazon FBA to grow and scale your business.

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