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As an entrepreneur, inspiration can be hard to come by. The road to success is not always straightforward and is filled with obstacles, detours, and dead ends that can leave even the most motivated beginners losing some of that early enthusiasm and bringing their ambitions to a temporary halt.

However, the great thing about Amazon FBA is that it’s never too late to start (or to start again). Every day there are new people who either reach their goals on Amazon FBA or have taken a huge step in the right direction. Fortunately, most successful Amazon FBA sellers make a habit of sharing their success stories, helpful tips, and inspiration, making the internet an absolute treasure trove of motivational tidbits that anyone in need of it can find.

If you’ve hit one of those rocky moments, we want to help you get back in the game with a collection of entrepreneur inspiration we’ve found helpful. Refer to it as often as you need.

Amazon FBA tips to start again and stay motivated

Track your progress

There are many subtle reasons why tracking your progress will keep you motivated to continue on your Amazon FBA journey. If you aren’t as disciplined yet in tracking your sales, profits, etc. it’s hard to notice slight increases. Additionally, you won’t be able to accurately measure your rate of growth. This lack of information is not only discouraging but makes it difficult to evaluate your success. 

Almost every kind of entrepreneurship starts out slow and accelerates in growth as you go along. That means it’s particularly important in the beginning to measure your progress on a minuscule scale. Even a small uptick is a positive step forward.

On top of that, measuring your results, comparing them, and fishing out what worked and what didn’t can become second nature once you have a firm grip on it.

Start a blog and post your progress online

We took this lesson straight from the social fitness industry that’s absolutely booming. It’s been an age-old mantra of fitness experts that it’s always better to exercise with someone, whether it be a friend or trainer.

The simple reason is that when you have some level of accountability towards someone, you are inclined to push a little bit harder. This motivation can help you push through boundaries and keep you going even when you think your tank is empty.

The same goes for your Amazon FBA journey. People love seeing what other people do, what they have tried, and what their results ended up being. Sharing your experiences with the world will build a feeling of accountability. It can also give you an incentive to keep going.

Shake things up

The biggest factor towards your success is likely your product. That also means it could be the biggest factor behind your failure or slump. Shaking up your Amazon selling experience by branching out (or switching) to another product or business model could be just the ticket.

Maybe the product you were selling before ran out of public favor? Perhaps it’s a slow time of the year? Maybe that particular niche was just too saturated and competitive?

Whatever the case may be, shaking up your line every now and then by diversifying your merchandise or shifting your focus is a necessary part of any retail business. Think of it as pruning a flower. You cut off the dying stems so that the budding ones can flourish.

Doing something new might also just give your mind the bit of daylight it needs to shake off any frustration holding you back.

Learn and practice patience


Like we mentioned before, the way to Amazon FBA success is usually slow in the beginning. There are a lot of small obstacles and challenges to outmaneuver or overcome to really take off.

While the ability to make necessary adjustments and the ability to be flexible are important characteristics to have, patience is arguably even more so. It will take time to build a name, build a customer base, and carve out your market share no matter what you do or sell. You will need to apply patience to give things the time they need to develop naturally.

The real trick is knowing when patience is no longer enough and to cut ties. That is a skill you need to learn through experience.

Where to find motivation for Amazon FBA?

Amazon success stories

The great thing about Amazon FBA is that anyone can do it if they apply themselves. The first hurdle is to push through the beginning stages where everything feels unknown and intimidating. The spectrum of people, small businesses, and self-styled entrepreneurs that have made a success through Amazon FBA is so vast you can find someone from almost any background.

One thing that most of them have in common though, is that they:

a) wanted to change their circumstances to allow them to live their lives to the fullest with at least some degree of financial freedom

b) had little to no experience selling online at a huge scale before Amazon FBA, and

c) themselves or their business benefited immensely from Amazon FBA as soon as they incorporated it.

This means that almost every success story has a lesson for any potential Amazon FBA seller. It doesn’t really matter what your product line is, your business model, or your differing background. There is a nugget of inherent truth in any real success story that you can take and apply to your circumstances.

So, where can you find these success stories?

The Amazon website

To promote their FBA platform, Amazon regularly updates their website with success stories. These are entrepreneurs they have personally chosen, interviewed, and posted online. If you are worried that Amazon has been biased in presenting these stories, don’t be too cynical.

Most of these entrepreneurs (or their businesses) are very easy to track online. Many of them even freely post their results and progress online.

You can find some of these success stories here on the Fulfillment By Amazon “What people say” page. You can find even more of them here on the Day One Stories of Entrepreneurship page.

Of course, Amazon tries to put their best foot forward. However, their website is a great starting point to find some successful sellers or businesses to keep an eye on.

Individual seller blogs or websites

Desk with laptop, coffee cup, pen and paper

There are many fantastic blogs to follow where individual sellers share their success stories, new ventures, and their progress. You would be surprised to see how generous they are in regards to posting their actual sales figures.

You can read all the statistics you want. But in the end, seeing a real-life “experiment” develop in front of your eyes is sometimes the best incentive.

Because these are regularly updated blogs, it’s an ever-changing story. These people are trying new techniques, practices, and products all the time. You aren’t reading some ancient text that has been finished and put aside ages ago. It’s a living, breathing organism with a wealth of past and current information.

Some of these blogs we like to follow most are:

  • My Wife Quit Her Job: This blog is run by husband and wife duo Steve and Jennifer Chou and is an amazing example of a typical suburban family making it big through Amazon FBA.
  • Online Selling Experiment: As you can guess from the name, this blog is dedicated to more than just Amazon FBA. However, the Amazon FBA portion is probably the biggest and most thorough. It’s actually also the personal blog of Ryan Grant who has been selling textbooks online since he was 18 and now makes a living off online retail. He regularly posts about his “experiments” and results.
  • Niche Pursuits: This blog by Spencer Haws is very similar to that of Ryan Grant. Spencer has been experimenting with various online businesses and opportunities and blogs about his experiences and shares tips for his success.

Sign up to Amazon FBA niche news feeds and podcasts

This is not only a great way to get motivation for your Amazon FBA business, but also to keep tabs on the latest industry news, trends, and big players. This can play a huge roll in your success and help shape your decisions in the future to be more informed.

If you have very big Amazon FBA ambitions, you should delve into it as deep as you are willing to go. Completely immerse yourself in the industry and follow its news and changes as closely as you would any of your other hobbies. Maybe even more so.


One great way to do this, especially for busy people on the move, is through Podcasts. Podcasts are basically episodic audio tapes that are released at regular intervals. There are various types of Amazon FBA podcasts. Some hosts like to focus on giving you their own thoughts and opinions on a regular basis others regularly interview successful Amazon FBA entrepreneurs.

The great thing about podcasts is that you can subscribe to them and follow along as they get released. Some are even available in iTunes or Google Music. In fact, most of the blogs we mentioned before have a podcasts section because they are such a fun, intuitive, and effective way to provide an alternative to “boring” blog posts.

Be sure to check out our past article that talks about podcasts and our favorite Amazon FBA podcasts.

The AM/PM Podcast is probably the most indispensable one that we would recommend to any Amazon FBA seller, whether you are new or an old dog.

Amazon FBA news

There are many informative, up to date, and must-follow sources of Amazon FBA news online. The most obvious point-of-call would be the actual Amazon FBA News & Updates page. Here, they will post any new developments from their side as well as changes to the Amazon FBA fee structure and process.

Authoritative sites on Amazon FBA also usually run a news section on their archive pages that are updated regularly with the latest happenings. For example, the FBA Mastery news archive. Webretailer.com also has some great industry news although it’s not FBA-specific.

Amazon FBA centered events

If you want to connect in person with people like those you have been talking about or learn first-hand from other industry insiders, you should look around for any Amazon FBA focused seminars or events near you.

These events are a great way to meet people just like you and to learn together on how to achieve success through Amazon FBA. The Sellers Playbook often hosts these kinds of events where you can attend talks and information sessions as well as mingle with other potential success stories such as yourself.

Some Amazon FBA Quotes

Think Outside the Box Sign

To round up this thorough attempt at motivating you to pick up the reigns and start your FBA journey once again, we collected some quotes that will either make you remember why you got into Amazon FBA in the first place, what it can do for your business or just to inspire you.

“If you have a small store in your local town, how many customers can you reach? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? At most! We are now reaching millions of customers. Immediately.”

-Alfred Chow, Managing Director, PattyBoutik


“When that first sale comes in, there’s nothing more exciting.”

-Kirt Moritz, President/Co-Founder, Nayked Apparel


“Even though things started out slowly, our online store managed to replace my wife’s salary of $100K within one year.”

-Steve Chou, Co-owner Bumblebee Linens and owner of MyWifeQuitHerJob.com


“When you’re on your own, there are always catastrophes that can happen. With Amazon, small businesses can find peace of mind regarding these kinds of calamities. And we’re selling more than ever.”

-Barry, Owner of Cirdan


“We were carrying big bins of product to the post office and handwriting envelopes and all that kinda stuff. And FBA took a lot of that heavy lifting out of the picture… and it allows us to focus on growing our business.”

-Joseph Jaconi, Co-founder, Tech Armor

Get back in the game with some entrepreneur inspiration!

We hope that all this entrepreneur inspiration has been sufficient to make you shrug off any troubles you might have had before and try once again. Remember that failing or stumbling only means that you have found a way how not to do it. Hopefully, you have learned from the past and that will make your future endeavors that much easier.

It’s never too late to start using the Amazon marketplace and leveraging Amazon FBA to make your dream of financial freedom come true.

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