Selling on Amazon isn’t for everyone. At least not if you’re trying to make a full-time career out of it. But you don’t need to be especially rich or have a lot of experience in business to be a successful FBA seller. If you’ve taken a look at any Amazon FBA success stories, then you probably know that many of these business owners had little or close to nothing before starting their journey. These people succeeded because they had a combination of traits found in every great entrepreneur. We’ve outlined five of the traits you need if you want to be an FBA seller.


An adaptable Amazon seller will be able to think quick on their feet and get out of their own way. You’re responsible for both the successes and failures of your business. This means you’ll be tweaking and reassessing your business model constantly. Entrepreneurs in general struggle to do this. By changing your course direction, you’re admitting that your previous work wasn’t effective and that you need to make changes. Being adaptable requires a certain level of vulnerability to see your own flaws and mistakes.

You may be your own worst critic, but it’s important that you also take feedback from others. People who are unfamiliar with your business looking from the outside tend to have great pieces of advice that insiders can’t see. Make sure you take this advice seriously and adapt accordingly.



Don’t mistake fearlessness for carelessness. A fearless Amazon FBA seller knows the dangers and pitfalls of starting a business and is willing to take a risk. A careless Amazon seller goes in blind, doesn’t play by the rules, and ignores customer needs.

Fearlessness is an important attribute as the road to Amazon success is full of surprises and setbacks. It can be very easy to psych yourself out. You might even allow self-loathing and negativity to slowly eat away at your business. Remember throughout this process that you are ultimately in control of your business’ success. Think about it this way… what would be going through your head if you were on a boat in the middle of a storm and your captain was hiding below the deck? As the leader of your business, you have to exude a sense of fearlessness that ignites the same feeling in the people around you.


It will be difficult for you to find success with Amazon FBA if you don’t have a passion for your business. Just like anything else in life, you’re going to get out what you put in. Passion is especially important as there will be days where it feels like you’ll never see results. Sometimes you’ll feel you’ve wasted the past several months trying to build a business that was doomed to fail. The FBA seller who is full of passion will pick themselves up and keep trying despite the circumstances.

You shouldn’t just have a passion for making money. You should also be extremely invested in the product you’re selling. This will keep you moving forward and help you convince consumers to buy. It’ll be tougher to sell a product that you don’t believe in.

Strong leadership skills

You may have to start hiring additional help when your Amazon FBA business takes off. As a manager of several employees, you’ll be expected to delegate work and make the tough decisions that other people cannot. A strong leader will be able to innovate and take responsibility for setbacks in the business.

You can still exude the qualities of a strong leader even if you aren’t managing a team of employees. This is shown through your ability to make quick decisions and willingness to tackle unfamiliar issues. The best leaders are never afraid to get their hands dirty.

A level head

Crossroads decision

While it’s great to be passionate and fearless, both of these traits can also act as a set of blinders that hide the cold, hard truth about your business. A person with a level head will know when to pull the plug on the business or reevaluate the business model entirely. Someone who’s too passionate or confident will look past the red flags and have a hard time admitting that changes need to be made.

A level head will also hold you back from making rash decisions that could sidetrack your business. You’ll need this quality when you find yourself up at 4 a.m. trying to decipher the sales tax laws in each state, or when your label printer stops working and it takes everything in you from not slamming it against the wall. Being unpredictable and ballsy have their benefits, but they may not have the best track record of success.

Do you have what it takes to be an FBA seller?

Take these traits into consideration before you decide if Amazon FBA is the right business venture for you. If this article has you convinced that you’re ready to be an FBA seller, take the next step to becoming your own boss. Read our training guide for FBA beginners.

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