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If you have any kind of experience in retail, you probably know by now that the first half of the year is no one within the industry’s favorite. The excitement of the festive season has wound down and people are taking it easy on their wallets until they start to hear Xmas bells again come November.

These stats from Statista highlight this very real and very prominent financial cycle. As a silver lining, Q2 has been picking up some retail momentum in the last few years. This might be due to savvy sellers taking advantage of Easter, Spring Break, and Mother’s Day but more on that later.

Remember one of the most fundamental tenets of being an Amazon seller:

Always try and turn a profit because there are always opportunities to be had!

Selling on Amazon from February and beyond

Yes, you need to be smarter in your approach. That means targeting specific groups of people at specific times. It could mean jumping in and out of niches and regularly rotating your merchandise. This is not something everyone is familiar or comfortable with, but it can pay out some extremely satisfactory quick bonuses.

With that in mind, it’s only logical that we categorize our advice for what you should sell according to these dates. We will start by dividing sales periods according to the financial quarters (end Q1 and Q2) and then by any events taking place during that time. We will also look at what are good items to sell during the whole 6-month period from February-July.

Most products should be sold much earlier than the actual date for a number of reasons:

  • Build visibility and position yourself as an option.
  • Avoid a large amount of stock leftover after the event.
  • Gauge market conditions and product performance and tweak as you go along.

What to sell in Q1 (February-March)

As one of the savvy Amazon sellers that no doubt decided to capitalize on the festive season by stocking and selling as much as you can, you may have some leftover stock that somehow managed to survive the rush.

Spring also doesn’t really take hold until mid-March which will leave you somewhat in flux with extra merchandise in storage (that might or might not still have a market) and with it still being too early to fully get in the swing of selling summer or spring products.

Hopefully, you already took the time during the usually slow January to catch your breath and start planning for the new year. If you haven’t already, now is the time! You can take our advice and do your own research online to think of how you are going to profit from the next 2 or 3 quarters.

You should also do some inventory management. How much merchandise do you have left in stock? Is it seasonal items that are unlikely to sell out during spring and summer? If so, they might only sit there piling on your warehousing fees to Amazon. You can either get rid of them using flash sales or fetch them from the warehouses if you have the logistics for it. This is up to you.

Super Bowl (First few days of February)

The annual Super Bowl has almost become as big a cultural observance within the U.S. as Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. In 2018, 108 million people watched the Super Bowl on their TV. Big companies pay millions upon millions of dollars for an advertising spot during this phenomenon and it’s also a good time for retailers to turn a quick profit.

To really catch the wind, so to speak, you would have had to start selling way earlier. However, we include it here.

What to sell:

  • Football related merchandise: Players, team or NFL merchandise. This can include apparel or accessories that are branded with team visuals. Focus on the two teams that actually made it to the Super Bowl. The winning team’s merchandise will see a surge in sales after the game. So, try and have stock on hand.
    • Hats
    • Shirts
    • Bracelets
    • Bandanas
    • Flags
  • Party packs: Unfortunately, it’s still hard to sell alcohol on Amazon. They only started allowing some pre-approved sellers to sell wine at the end of last year. At Super Bowl time, people usually get together to watch and eat. Make bundles with:
    • Paper plates
    • Plastic cups
    • Streamers/party decorations
    • Table covers
    • Napkins
    • Party snacks
  • TVs: Many television retailers actually see a surge in sales before the Super Bowl as they smartly position it as a good time to invest in a new TV.

Valentine’s day (February 14)

Arguably the easiest day to commercialize, there will no doubt be plenty of searches for interesting and romantic gifts online as clueless and in-love boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands try to impress their better halves.

Valentine's Day bowl and candy hearts

What to sell:

  • Handmade romantic packages: You would be surprised what a hankering there is online for these types of gifts. People are always looking for something new and novel to impress with. These packages could be made up of:
    • Romantic treats (chocolates, for example)
    • Picnic packages
  • Valentine’s day paraphernalia: If you can find some crazy deals in local stores, it could be worth buying as many as you can and reselling it online for a higher price. You might just be able to rely on last-minute panic buys.
    • Anything with roses
    • Anything with hearts
    • Stuffed animals
    • Decorations

St. Patrick’s Day (17 March)

This day actually has deep-seated cultural and religious significance but is mostly known today for one thing: fun, usually of the drinking variety.

What to sell:

  • Anything green: Leprechauns, 4 leafed clovers, and the rolling Irish countryside. You don’t get much greener than that. Almost anything made mostly of this color can be marketed as being related to this observance.
  • Party packs: As parties for this day are highly themed, there is a lot of opportunities to cash in on party packs for people to decorate and cater their home or business.
    • Paper plates
    • Plastic cups
    • Streamers/party decorations
    • Table covers
    • Napkins
    • Party snacks
    • Drinking paraphernalia
  • Costumes: Everyone will be trying to look their most Irish. As it’s a recurring holiday, many people won’t mind buying instead of renting as they can use it every year.
    • Top hats, tweed hats, and anything green.
    • Apparel with relevant graphics.
    • Almost anything that involves beer.
    • Orange beards!

What to sell Q2 (April-June)

Many people will now be greeting spring with smiles on their faces as they throw open their windows, tackle a spring clean, and prepare to embrace the sunnier and warmer time of year. You understandably might not mentally relate this period to a time of high online sales.

After all, there are no big celebrations, aside from Spring Break, within sight and it has traditionally been a very slow month concerning retail. People are outside enjoying themselves, not sitting inside browsing Amazon.

As we say, however, there are always opportunities for the proactive and savvy Amazon seller. In fact, Q2 has seen a slight uptick in sales over the last few years as people recover from the pocket-emptying festive season.

Easter (Start of April)

For Christians, this holiday marks one of the most important events in their religion: the resurrection of Christ. For others, it symbolizes the coming of spring and celebrates the rebirth of life and nature. This holiday has enough imagery and practices tied to it to offer multiple selling opportunities.

What to sell:

  • Easter toys, merchandise or stuffed animals: Don’t just think of the most obvious examples of colorful eggs or stuffed Easter bunnies. There are even Lego Easter bunny sets to illustrate that Easter-anything can sell during this time.
  • Easter egg baskets: Celebrating Easter with an egg hunt for the kids is the most popular way for people to celebrate this holiday. Get creative and come up with picnic-like baskets that include the eggs to hunt, egg-painting kits, Easter-themed items, and picnic blankets all in an interesting basket.

Earth Day (22 April)

This day is becoming more popular to celebrate all around the world as people are increasingly becoming concerned about and seeing the effects of global warming and declining wild species.  All types of eco-friendly items see a surge in sales during this time.

What to sell:

  • Electricity-saving items: This includes anything from solar-powered lamps, energy-saving appliances, etc.
  • Biodegradable items: From picnic cutlery to bags to baby wipes. You get just about anything in biodegradable form nowadays. Many of these come from small, local stores and which you can position as unique online. You can also make your own.

Prom (April to June)

Most schools host prom during this period. Most students or schools will try to buy their prom-related items early. As it’s spread over two months you should be patient as you’re trading a large audience for a much longer period of relevancy.

What to sell:

  • Prom dresses: Many people are turning to Amazon or online stores for a wider range of dresses and in hope of finding them at more affordable prices.
  • Paraphernalia, decorations, and party kits: Silly photo booth prop kits, prom decorations, and all kinds of party items will see increased sales during this time.

Graduation (April-June)

Hot on the heels of prom comes graduation. The time of year that parents usually get to gloat over their and their kid’s academic achievements. It’s also spread over a longer time so you can expect relatively consistent results.

What to sell:

  • Paraphernalia: Basically anything that says congratulations, something about graduating, “class of…,” etc. Think out of the box, like fleece blankets, banners for your room, even trophies in the shape of keys.
  • Party packs: Many people throw parties at their home to celebrate a graduation especially for high school or college graduates.

Wedding season (June)

Wedding table settings

You might be surprised to see this here. Weddings are expensive affairs which mean that there will always be people trying to find decorations on the cheap. June is the biggest wedding season in the U.S. but you should start selling these items way earlier in anticipation.

What to sell:

  • Decorations: There are both very traditional and funky, unique decorations you can sell as “wedding decorations.” The possibilities are almost endless.
    • Chair sashes.
    • Welcome boards.
    • Lighting decorations.
    • Wedding aisle runners.
    • Gift boxes.
    • Bridesmaids bouquets.
    • Wedding arch.
  • Wine: As of 2017, wine can now be sold on Amazon. You might just be able to find that exact vintage or brand you were looking for.

Mother’s Day (10 June)

That time of year when we celebrate and show our mothers our appreciation, usually by splurging on them. Again, this is a flexible observance and you can pretty much sell anything as a “Mother’s Day” gift.

What to sell:

  • Gift baskets: Just think of what luxury items your own mom would love.
    • Special bath soaps or bubble bath.
    • Body wash items like foot scrubs.
  • Treats: Almost every mom likes some sweet stuff. Come up with some irresistible treat baskets that are decorated or made special in some way.

Selling for summer

The season is about change leading to much more agreeable weather that lures people out of their homes and into the open.


You can already target Spring-Breakers as they head to warmer waters down south as early as the end of February and start of March. The demand will only increase as the rest of the continent also experiences more and more beach weather.

Sports and outdoors equipment

The difficulty with most of these items is that you will be competing with big brands and you can’t really make anything at home. However, if you have a few local stores that you can target for retail arbitrage, you could make a few bucks.


Fitness gear

We are in a general fitness craze at the moment where more and more people attempt (with varying degrees of success) to be more active and eat healthier. This trend sees a surge of activity during Spring as everyone wants to get that “beach body” before the summer.

Home exercise equipment, supplements (look at vegan ones), and fitness apparel will be very popular from February all the way through till Q3.

Garden & Home

There isn’t much use caring for your garden during winter. Most people start to tend to their lawn and garden with renewed fervor from February onwards along with their yearly spring clean. Particularly during the first few months of spring, gardening equipment will sell well.

You can also look at exterior furniture, recyclable and eco-friendly planting kits, etc.

What will you sell next?

We hope that this article has opened your eyes to the opportunities available from February onwards every single year. This really isn’t the barren landscape devoid of hope for sellers that everyone thinks.

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