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History can be a great teacher. If you are approaching Q2 with an ounce of dread, knowing that it’s a much slower time of year for retailers, it can be a great place to turn to for inspiration and lessons. In this article, we want to help you have a profitable Q2 by sharing the most sold products on Amazon for Q2.

Statistics for Amazon Q2

Q1, Q2, and Q3 have always been slow months for retailers across the board and the Amazon marketplace is no exception. However, according to statistics from Statista, that might be about to change concerning Q2 and Q3. In recent years, it has been experiencing a slight peak in sales. That’s promising for most Amazon sellers planning their Q2 going forward.

Last year, Q2 saw $37.9 billion in revenue for Amazon. That’s still some way behind the $60 billion for Q4, but it’s an almost $8 billion increase from Q2 2016 (25%).

There are a few key dates and annually occurring occasions during this time that contribute to this. However, to really make the most of Q2 and these events, you will need to know what products traditionally perform best during Q2. This will help you find products within the category or niche and serve as a starting point for a more profitable future Q2.

Amazon actually doesn’t release any statistics related to their sales numbers. According to them, this is because it would infringe on individual sellers right to protection of information. That makes giving you exact figures of past and present sales virtually impossible.

There are a few tricks that someone savvy in the dark arts of Amazon can use to get some kind of perspective on how products perform. For instance, you can simply keep tab of other sellers number of items in stock for a particular product and see at what rate it goes down. You can then compare this with various times of the year. Tools such as Jungle Scout can help you automate this process and do it on a larger scale.

Most sold products on Amazon for Q2

The products we are about to share with you are not only common sense products that sell during this time but are also backed up by research from 3rd party individuals.  We can also tell you which items perform better for bigger brands and which for individual sellers as this is an important distinction to make as well as during what time of Q2 they perform at their best.


Spring has always been the season of fashion. Rightly so, this is when people start emerging from hibernation and reveal themselves to the outside world once again. That means that you have to look good.

Spring’s affiliation with renewal and rebirth also means that most people want to wear something new. In keeping with this theme, this is also when most big fashion brands release their new ready-to-wear lines of clothing as opposed to their more abstract creations.

Gucci is the as of Q2 2017 officially the largest clothing brand in the world according to sales. They posted sales of over $1.8 billion in Q2 of last year, 40% up from the year before.

For those who are less fashion-conscious and more interested in bargains, the release of new product lines means huge sales on last year’s fashions.

This creates a variety of unique selling opportunities. One is to take advantage of clearance sales in local stores and attempt to sell them online for higher prices. Create massive sales yourself to make way for new stock or just market your own designs as the latest fashion.

Clothing rack

Popular items include anything that screams summer. Blouses, t-shirts, shorts, daisy dukes, sandals, etc. Androgynous clothing and plus-size clothing are also rapidly growing niches within the industry.

Swimwear and gear

Spring and summer = sun. Sun = beach time and pool parties. Most people can’t wait to wash off their memories of the cold winter with their first dip in the ocean as the warmer time of year comes around.

It’s no coincidence that during Spring, beachwear, swimwear, and related accessories’ sales soar. Remember that people almost always start buying items in anticipation of the actual “season” for them which means you should already be selling at the start of Q2.

The products in this category should be readily apparent to you. Bikinis and swimming trunks always sell well during this time. Just like with fashion, niches within the category has developed and increased in popularity. For women, plus-size swimwear and swimwear targeted at older generations are growing in sales as people struggle to find these in physical stores or are too shy to shop for them in real life.

It’s not only clothing and apparel that sell, though. The beach is meant for fun, especially for kids. Beach toys like sets of buckets, shovels, molds, etc. for kids sell like hotcakes.  Swimming goggles, floaties, and swimming caps also sell well, but mostly from big brands.

Environmentally-friendly products and gardening equipment

As we spend more time with mother nature again, it also prompts more people to think (and buy) with environmental responsibility in mind. The last few years have seen environmentally responsible products growing in popularity. Especially with Earth Day getting more and more attention on 22 April.

We combine environmentally-friendly and gardening items as it’s products that combine these two that do particularly well.

Gardening tools and plants

We should distinguish here between products that are meant to lower energy consumption and products that are produced in environmentally responsible ways or that are biodegradable. Low energy products sell better before and during winter when our power consumption goes up.

In spring or summer, however, it’s the latter two types of products that do well. It’s also not just big brands that dominate this market. Many environmentally-friendly and responsibly sourced products can be homemade and many small brands or companies are popping up and taking their market shares. It also seems that people buying within this category seem to instinctively trust these small family-owned businesses more.

Products like biodegradable planting pots, compost bags, biodegradable or responsibly sourced tissues, plant food, humane pest traps etc. all see a good amount of sales.

Everyday gardening equipment like hoses, pruning scissors, soil meters, etc also see good sales.

Outdoor living

This includes all types of outdoor furniture and cooking items. Spring and summer are also the time of year for outdoor parties and barbeques. As you can expect, people will start to buy these items early so that they can use them for as long a time as possible while the weather is suitable. This is why most sales come early spring and before summer.

All the typical things that jump to mind first sell well during Q2. Outdoor furniture includes items like wooden or straw lawn furniture sets, wooden tables and benches, foldable furniture, camping chairs, as well as more refined or ornate patio furniture to entertain in style.

A backyard barbeque is also another favorite American pastime. You could be excused for only thinking of the barbeques themselves here, but people actually prefer to buy these items in person. However, accessories like temperature checkers, grill scrubbers, and cooking utensils sell well on Amazon during this time.

On Amazon, items between the $10-$50 dollar price range generally sell the best which also contributes to these items being particularly popular.

Fitness gear

Everyone wants to get that elusive beach body before summer comes round! Whether it’s to fit into that sexy new bikini or show off your abs, there is more than enough motivation for most people to tackle their New Year’s fitness resolutions with renewed vigor in spring.

The rising global fitness trend means that this is a well-performing category all year round. However, there is a surge in sales during January and in the early days of spring as people try one more time to get in shape.

Two sub-categories that have performed very well in recent years are fitness apparel and home workout equipment. The formers proof lies in the almost meteoric rise of Under Armor, during a period that saw most other brands falter in growth.

People are also becoming increasingly busy and strapped for time which has led to an explosion in home workout programs and equipment popularity. Items like pull up bars, jumping ropes, yoga mats (very popular), weight sets, etc. sell like hotcakes during this time.

While this niche is dominated by big brands, these items are widely available enough that small sellers can carve out a market share for themselves. Particularly in non-clothing items where it is easier to private label products or create your own.

Party packs & decorations

This is another pretty wide category. There are some key events that take place during this time that makes this such a reliable category over the years. During Q2 you have Easter right at the beginning of Q2, then you have proms and graduation towards May and June, and then you have wedding season that’s in full swing during June and July.

All of these have wholesome, family-orientated connotations with them and that’s why a lot of these packs can be pretty generic. These packs include things like disposable cups and cutleries, decorations, streamers, party hats, etc.

balloons, streamers and confetti

Obviously, each of these events also has their own specific items. Prom dresses, for example, which few people think of but that bags quite a sum of money for their respective sellers year on year.

Graduation, prom, and wedding items start selling mid Q2 since people usually want to be prepared fairly early, especially regarding weddings.

It’s a shame Amazon doesn’t have a direct category for this, so most of these items are found under toys and hobbies which makes it even harder to inform you of their performance. However, literally anything goes during this season. From photo booths prop sets, to lighting fixtures, to quirky decorations that can all be homemade or branded.

Which of these products will you sell in Q2?

There you have it! These are the most sold products on Amazon during Q2. As Amazon sees amazing year-on-year growth, it only stands to reason that the money-making potential of these items will increase for the foreseeable future.

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