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Finding a product to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task. You can get so caught up in what to sell that you never actually get to selling! In this article, we want to share some most popular categories on Amazon that are relatively easy for the novice Amazon FBA seller to profit from.

What makes a beginner-friendly product?

Before we dive into the products themselves, let’s look at the reason why these categories are popular for new Amazon sellers and what benefits they offer.

  • Sufficient demand: Most of the products we chose already have a huge market. These are things almost everyone is regularly in need of. Simply put, you won’t have to convince people why they should buy it, just why they should buy yours.
  • Tried and tested: These products have been successfully sold by others before. Real-life success is always the best indicator of the sellability of a product.
  • Less marketing needed: This ties in with the first point because people are already on the lookout for this product, you won’t need to market as aggressively. You will still need to market at some point to ensure you keep growing, but it’s not needed to get started.
  • Price and cost range: As a beginner, you probably don’t have millions lying around to risk buying huge amounts in merchandise. These products are modestly priced (mostly between $10-$50) and readily available. No international importation!
  • Easy to ship: As you’re using Amazon FBA, you won’t need to worry too much about the shipping yourself. However, items that are difficult to ship are less likely to sell online and may incur extra fulfillment fees.
  • No instructions needed: This might seem like an unexpected factor, however, you would be surprised how many problems arise from customers using products incorrectly or not getting what they were expecting. The simpler the product is to use, the better.

So, without further ado, let’s look at our top 3 items for beginners to sell on Amazon FBA.

Most Popular Categories on Amazon


Selling books on Amazon FBA

Amazon itself started as nothing more than an online bookstore. It achieved its success because it could sell and ships books with such small overhead that they were able to charge less than physical bookstores, shipping included. Of course, there were other factors involved like the convenience of shopping and searching for a product online but we will focus on the former for our purposes.

Books have a low overhead largely because they are so easy to ship. They are already uniformly shaped and square so that they can be arranged comfortably in just about any type of cube-shaped container. They are also pretty small so you can aim for high quantity.

Books also never run out of demand. Kindles and e-ink readers are great, but for purposes like school, etc. where note taking is essential, physical copies are still completely dominant. As a tip, textbooks as a sub-genre of books can be very lucrative. Many people purely prefer the feel of owning a physical book.

When it comes to Amazon fees, books are also one of the cheapest items to sell. They have a 15% referral fee attached to them which makes them one of the lowest cost categories. There is also no minimum referral fee amount.


T-Shirts on a clothing rack

From a physical perspective, clothing already fits the bill for a good Amazon product. Clothing is light, easy to package because it’s shapeless, and is unlikely to be damaged during the shipping process. Clothing also shouldn’t take up a lot of space so your warehousing costs will be low.

They also fit the bill for most of the other factors. You should operate on relatively low overhead. If you print your own shirts, you only need to make an upfront investment in a t-shirt printer. You can also have it printed for you without paying an arm and a leg. You can buy wholesale plain t-shirts for less than $2, print and brand them, and sell them for up to $20 if you want to.

There is actually a great Amazon success story about t-shirt sellers Ann Arbor T-shirt Company.

Other types of clothing can be slightly more challenging when it comes to creation and design, but the other benefits still apply. Most clothing falls smack dab in the middle of the $10-$50 price range, is still easy to sell, there is universal demand, and if you have your own brand you don’t need to compete directly with other huge brands. Prep packaging instructions are also very simple.

Clothing comes with a 15% Amazon seller referral fee and a minimum $1 fee which is still pretty decent.

It goes without saying that you need a decent amount of creativity to pull your own product line off!

Ats, crafts, and sewing

Fabric and shears

There is a huge demand online for stuff that looks and feels new and authentic. People are tired of the same old big brands pushing the same old items. They want something that feels more personal, more custom, and that has a good story behind it.

You must be thinking right now, “Hang on! I don’t know how to make anything!” Well, you would be surprised how easy it is to make many great Amazon products at home, with relatively cheap ingredients. Think of scented candles, bath salts, homemade Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving/ decorations or baubles, etc.

There are a few great things about these kinds of items:

  1. You don’t compete with the big “monopoly” brands on Amazon.
  2. You’re already something special and novel.
  3. You work at pretty high profit margins.
  4. You’re in complete control of what you charge.
  5. You can target specific holidays with specific items. Like we mentioned above, you can make holiday-themed packages that you target at that time and capitalizing on the fact that people are already looking for products like yours.

The downside to these types of items is that you are venturing a little into the unknown. However, many people have had, at the very least, temporary success with this approach so in a way, it is “tried and tested.”

Step into Amazon FBA with the right products

We hope that this article not only helps you to identify the most popular categories on Amazon but also inspire you with the opportunities they present to you. It’s never too late to start your journey to financial freedom through Amazon FBA. Good luck and happy selling!

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