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by Jerome H. on Sellers Playbook

Informative and motivating. Can't wait to get started.

by Ram A. on Sellers Playbook

Good presentation. Learned quite a few new things adding to my knowledge which I was not aware of. Have to wait and see for the final results after the workshop is over. Will update again!

by Felisa M. on Sellers Playbook

The presentation was awesome. E-commerce is what's happening! I'm excited about taking the opportunity to part of it.

by Anonymous on Sellers Playbook
Marvin H.

I Learned a lot today just hearing and seeing this opportunity. I see Amazon as a growing and one of the top-selling companies in the world.So why not have this opportunity to learn from the best and make my dreams a reality. I am excited to get started.

by Mary J. on Sellers Playbook

Very informative presentation. Looking forward to implementing all that I learned today.

by Kenneth B. on Sellers Playbook

Very comfortable surroundings. Excellent speaker and great help from support personnel.

by Sardar H. on Sellers Playbook

Very informative. Provide equal opportunity to grow at our own speed and desire. Loving it !!

by Marcheta D. on Sellers Playbook

The follow-up support just help you to prepare for the 3 days 8hrs training, how to be successful business owner on Amazon

by Karen S. on Sellers Playbook

This 2-hour free workshop was very informative. So much information that helped me decide if this is something I could do. They went way out of their way to accommodate questions, even those that helped me decide if this was indeed something I wanted to do. I’m of an older generation with moderate computer skills but I believe there will be a good support if I need it.

Fun brief informational meeting with solid promises and 3-day training made available. Worth a good look.

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